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Chopping, slicing

Code: BEQ-21351
Manufacturer: Tramontina
Price: $44
Color: Stainless Steel/ Black
Pack quantity: Each
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Utility Knife is a kitchen knife that is midway in size between a Chef’sknife and a Paring knife, also known as “every day knife”, it is used forslicing and coring fruits and vegetables. As well as trimming excess fat.In Hospitality, it is a common companion to the chef’s Knife. It is in facta smaller version of the chef’s knife but for finer work, making shallowcuts or incisions (such as scoring calamari, or creating cavities in a roastfor garlic and herbs, and for any cutting where greater control over asmall area is required)The Utility knife is also good for cutting larger vegetables and sandwichmeats that are not large enough for a chef’s knife.

Professional equipment

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