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Anson Artisan U Sandwich Sofa 269 x 100 x 12mm Clear

Code: BEQ-21300
Manufacturer: Anson
Price: $108
Color: Clear
Pack quantity: 1x1000
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The Artisan embraces the latest fashion in rustic sandwiches and provides the perfect pack for the hand-made, square-cut sandwiches which are desirable in modern delicatessens and sandwich shops up and down the UK.

The Artisan U is a flat structure with sides that click upwards to form a ‘U’ shape. It can be flow-wrapped, wrapped with polysheet, or simply bagged enabling the consumer to have all-round visibility of the product, letting the food sell itself. The Artisan U is ideal for modern life. Whether grazing at the office desk or having a bite out in the park, the Artisan U ensures the sandwich stays in great shape and is easy to pick up and put down.

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